Saturday, 16 February 2008

Craig & Emma

This was one of the first weddings we did, taken with the old manual SLR and recently scanned into the computer. Photo taken at Avoncroft. It was a lovely day and a beautiful wedding.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My own children

I've been trying to put together some storyboards to print and hang on our own walls. We just don't have enough of our own photos up and about! Andy has just ordered a canvas print for my valentine's present of this photo:

IMG_1742 copy

and then i made this storyboard which i thought to do as a canvas, but i'm not so sure now.

micah noah storyboard copy

i may just get it printed and framed or mounted on a foam board and hang it with a ribbon or something??

Barbara and Nigel

October took us down to Worcester and Cheltenham for Barbara and Nigel's wedding. It was filled with love and praise to God.

beautiful in a silver gown


the coolest shoes around

Over the hurdles (of life)
and ofcourse on the race track!

Thanks for letting us share this day with you. God Bless